Jarek Chrzanowski


- code programming of industrial machines

"The abbreviation CNC stands for computer numerical control, and refers specifically to a computer "controller" that reads G-code instructions and drives a machine tool, a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate components by the selective removal of material. CNC does numerically directed interpolation of a cutting tool in the work envelope of a machine. The operating parameters of the CNC can be altered via software load program." -Wiki

My goal in providing this courses is to make you as productive as possible in the use of CNC lathes or mills, totally independent of any kind of programming software. But you have to know how to hold a part, calculate the part shape, calculate speeds, feeds, depth of cuts. You will learn how to program efficiently, with all instruction based on my own experience. You will see and learn the proper method to write an efficient program for lathes and mills. You will also learn to input and edit CNC programs on Fanuc (ISO style) and Heidenhain controlled CNC lathes and mills.